We have met with the contractor (Tucson Asphalt) and have a "final" schedule for the work.  The schedule might be changed due to weather or equipment problems, and we hope not, but we'll keep you informed of any
 changes as soon as we know of them.

We know the project is going to be an inconvenience for those of you on Carrillo and Bronzino.  Specific days that will be particularly difficult are;

Wednesday March 20.  Lower Carrillo will be closed completely and extensive work will be going on Upper Carrillo.  Access will be difficult to impossible at times.  We recommend that you plan to avoid having to go
                                            out or have people come in.  The golf cart may not be able to drive the section they are working on.

Wednesday March 27 through April 3. 
Most of the time during work days the access on Carrillo will be limited to the golf car.  Nights and weekends will have access.

Thursday April 4: 
Carrillo will be paved on this day and access will be limited to walking on the sidewalk where possible and the curb or adjacent grounds if there is no sidewalk.  We recommend that you plan to avoid
                                   going out unless you can walk out of the construction area.
                                       Cars will not be allowed to drive on the fresh pavement Thursday or Thursday night, but complete access will be available in the morning after the pavement is cured.

We understand the inconvenience this will be for those of you living on Carrillo and wish it were otherwise.  It is just the nature of repaving streets that we just can't provide the access you are accustomed to. 

Mar 19 Tuesday        Pulverize lower Carrillo, start at Tanuri and work up to Bronzino intersection.
                                NOTE: Work may continue onto upper Carrillo

Mar 20 Wednesday        Continue pulverize Carrillo, start at Bronzino intersection
                                NOTE:  Upper Carrillo will be closed for the day
                                NOTE: NO access to Bronzino this day

Mar 21 Thursday        Pulverize Chico
                                NOTE:  Access to Bronzino and Carrillo will be by Colorada

Mar 22 Friday        Grade lower Carrillo

Mar 25 Monday
        Grade lower Carrillo

Mar 26 Tuesday
        Grade lower Carrillo

Mar 27 Wednesday
        Pave lower Carrillo, grade upper Carrillo and Placita del Carrillo
                                NOTE: Access to Bronzino will be by lower Carrillo from now on.

Mar 28 Thursday        Grade upper Carrillo and Placita del Carrillo

Mar 29 Friday
        Grade upper Carrillo and Placita del Carrillo

April 1  Monday
        Grade upper Carrillo and Placita del Carrillo

April 2  Tuesday
        Grade upper Carrillo and Placita del Carrillo

April 3  Wednesday
        Grade upper Carrillo and Placita del Carrillo
                                NOTE: From Mar 27 through April 3, daytime access to Carrillo will be by golf cart (6am - 5pm).  Weekend will have be accessible
                                NOTE: Access to Bronzino will be by lower Carrillo

April 4 Thursday         Pave upper Carrillo and Placita del Carrillo
                                NOTE: NO access to Carrillo during paving

April 5  Friday         Grading Chico

April 8  Monday
        Grading Sendero Chico

April 9  Tuesday
        Grading Sendero Chico

April 10 Wednesday
        Pave Sendero Chico

                                NOTE: Access to mailboxes by sidewalk only

April 11 Thursday         Restripe Carrillo and Chico

April 12 Friday

        Lower Carrillo will be closed Mar 19 through Mar 27
        Nighttime access will be from 5pm to 7 am.  Cars will need to be moved by 7am
        There will be weekend access
        Golf Cart will be available during days when Carrillo is closed (6 am to 5 pm)
      Wed Mar 20, Thur Mar 21 and Wed Mar 27 through Thur April 4 to allow construction trucks to travel safely.

From SMR Roads Committee
John Mitchell, Chairman
Please contact John directly with comments and questions.