How to import clipart into your Project file

a) first open the Project file you want to import one of these graphics into

b) from the File menu, select 'Append'. Go to the Virtual Mechanics\SiteSpinner V2.7\clipart directory and select this file - this page will now be appended to your Project file

c) use your mouse to select the graphic you want and then Copy it. Then go to the page you want the graphic to appear on and Paste it

d) you can now go back and delete the appended page from your Project.

How to modify this clipart

To change the size of an object, you can drag a corner with your mouse to the desired size. If you hold down 'shift' on your keyboard while resizing an object it will be scaled proportionately. For more precise scaling select the graphic and then open the Geometry Editor.

To change the shading of a graphic, select the graphic and open the Shading Editor. Most of these files are single objects, though some are 'grouped' object (more than one object grouped together). To change the shading of a grouped graphic you will first need to un-group it and then select and edit the shading. If the object shares a 'shading component', then changing the shading of one of the objects will change the shading of the other.

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